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We went upstairs to Mike's bedroom, leaving the light on so the fun could start. I didn't want to make love in the dark, I desired to fuck him in the light so that I could see his beautiful face and see his tight little ass while my dick insert into deeply . Opening up I kissed Mike on his neck slowly once groping my his muscular ass by my hands. I gave his ass a few slaps... One day I went to the friend to the body buildig gym. When I knocked at the door he opened, was in the T-shirt by which one could see him salient nipples and he wore shorts in which I liked to see him.




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I was let inside (of course there were no his parents) he made something to drink and right away came back to me. He said we would be lifting a weight. First it was my turn - I lay down and lifted 40 kg on the chest. When I tried to raise he helped me stading opposite to my head, however I could watch his crotch and I dreamed about sucking his cock. As I raised the weight he insured and he was holding the barbell branded czech gay fantasy from above and at the same time leaning on me with crotch. I asked what are you doing? He answered that he see as I looked at his penis via the shorts. Damn I couldn't resist to fuck him, he had everything great ass, nice face, and cock almost as long and thick as my own. Michael was more attractive then most of the men I had seen last time in my short life. Mike is actually twenty, he will be twenty one next year, but he looks more older and mature than his peers at the university.

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After his black pants and underclothes went down I sank to his knees afterwards I took Mike's eight inch cock in my palms and started to lick. First I started to kiss it, thereafter I put to my mouth in whole. Finally Mike pushed his cock into my lips moaning resoundingly.




Next I felt full but didn't stop sucking his big cock.
In fact I had to realize extra work using my mouth just to keep up with the face fucking this superior gay was offering me.

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I slowly put the barbell back and I skimmed him into the mouth. Suddenly he caught me and we started to kissing passionately. He took off his shirt and I admire his chest his chest. I began to lick his nipples then kissing his neck and then licking torso. I took off his shorts and boxers. And I started firmly suck until I heard his moan then I even deeper set his dick into my mouth. I licked the head of his dick fucking his cock by my hand in one time. Next he dropped the load of sticky sperm at my chest. Then he lay down on the bench exposing anus for rimming job. His cock stood at attention measuring about 16 cm. This time he did something with my ass inserting his two finger as deeple as possible (he had a thick, massive fingers which excited me more). I groaned very loudly. Czech gay fantasy tale was near the end. My penis fired as from a catapult. He would not stop banging my hand all were smeared with my seed. With light resistance, because I have never did before. I licked his sperm from the hands of him. Corner of my eye I saw other man, who massaged his own dick watching us. Meanwhile, he leaned against my body on the couch. I threw out the ass and invited inside.


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